Studio Scenes

So much happens behind the scenes to make art. It’s not just about the painting. Here is a tiny glimpse into my studio life…if you want to know more please follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

This is me in my happy place, starting a new painting. My son captured this moment while I was prepping a canvas with gesso. The excitement of going from a blank canvas to something of beauty is always such a rush.

Measuring out the wire in preparation for wiring up the painting ready for hanging.

Sometimes you only have to look at it and the wire tangles…believe me, the frustration is real!

Wiring a painting is the final step before a piece is ready for sale.

There is something so exciting about getting a painting ready for shipping to it’s forever home! Just knowing that it is going to brighten someones wall in just a matter of days is a real buzz. *Insert Happy Dancing here!

Lights, camera, action!

Photographing my artwork to be added to my website or social media pages. 

The studio changes frequently depending on what I am working on at the time. If I need floor space to work with the canvas flat on the floor I just move my work tables out of the way. I usually work with my tables set up in a ‘U’ shape so I have easy access to my materials.

There is usually a stash of canvases in the studio ready to go for when the inspiration strikes. It is great to be able to get straight to work when the ideas are flowing.

Another action shot. This one was taken while I was demonstrating how I create my ocean art, wave paintings, during a paint pouring workshop. I love helping others find their creativity.

This picture says so much! On a quick trip to my favourite art store for another bottle of varnish I couldn’t resist a pic in front of this sign.

These sketch books are where I capture ideas for later use. I have a few on the go at any one time. I like to keep them handy, so there is usually one on each work table in the studio. I also keep one next to my bed for those ideas that seem so clear at midnight but elude me in an unfair game of hide and seek in the morning unless I capture their essence on paper!  

When I need to escape from the studio, or just get away from the daily craziness that is life, this is where I end up. The beach is where I go when I need to clear my head. It is such a relaxing place to just sit and let your thoughts run free. I feel very blessed to live on the edge of our beautiful country.